What is Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting?


Large and small businesses are confronted with a variety of options when it comes to hosting their websites, the most common is shared hosting. Shared hosting is when a single server’s resources are shared by many different websites, potentially thousands of websites.
However we use dedicated hosting meaning there are more resources going to your website than on any shared hosting package, ensuring fast load times and a responsive, snappy, website.

Why is Dedicated Hosting so Important?


Server resources are not shared

With dedicated hosting your website is provided with far more resources than shared hosting, instead of 10,000 people using a server, we only have 100’s. This means other websites won’t be slowing yours down and your consumer base will have a comfortable and easy browsing experience.
We found that 9/10 people leave a website if it hasn’t loaded within 5 seconds, which underlines what a difference dedicated hosting makes.

Performance enhancement and security

Dedicated hosting will provide stability and reliability compared to shared hosting, therefore if your website receives a lot of traffic, further resources can be allocated to ensure your website continues to run at optimal levels.
Dedicated hosting also offers number of security benefits. With shared hosting your website is open to more attacks as many, many people log in to that server with your website on. With inventis dedicated hosting only inventis team members will log in to your website.