Mobile Technology Vs Desktop Internet Usage
Mobile devices being used on the internet managed to exceed the desktop usage for the first time ever worldwide in October 2016. It was accounted that mobile internet usage recorded 51.3%, whereas desktop internet usage recorded 48.7%.

Mobile devices currently now represent around 65% of all digital media time, whereas with desktop the digital media time spent is only 35%.


How is it Affecting Businesses

Mobile technology is affecting businesses in a number of positive ways. First of all, as 80% of internet users own a Smartphone and so can now access the internet through their Smartphone, this means that around 1.2billion people worldwide are gaining access to the web through their mobile devices.

However, this will allow your page to achieve higher page rankings when appearing on search engines. This is because since Google released an algorithm update in April 2015 which meant that Responsively Designed websites now is preferred when it comes to Google’s search engine rankings. This update also meant that penalties would be given out to do with the rank of search results to websites that failed to meet standards for mobile responsive websites. This prompts more businesses to create mobile responsive websites.

Having a mobile responsive website also creates a better user experience for users. As mobile user experience is so vital nowadays that in fact, 52% of mobile users have stated that a bad mobile experience would make them less likely to engage with the company they are looking at. Imagine a visitor to your website is interested in the product you are offering, so much that they told a number of their friends. Now, they all used their mobile and your website took nearly 30 seconds to load, also the content displayed was not displayed correctly. Are they likely to still be interested in your product? Very unlikely.

However, if your website was to be mobile friendly and all the content is displayed correctly and it only took a few seconds to load. This can be very good for social media marketing as they may share your website across any social media profiles they have, in which more and more people will begin to view your website.

Social media is continuously growing, especially across mobile devices, so much that 91% of mobile internet access is used for social activities. This again is good because if your business is using any social media marketing, then it is most likely that people, who follow you, like your page, etc., will be using their mobile devices to gain access to your website, which relating back to the Google algorithm update, will work wonders for your page ranking.